Web3 made easy thanks to MetaBot Blockchain solutions

Blockchain-based Telegram Bot with revolutionized functions needed to navigate Web3 easily.

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We collaborate with

As MetaBot, we undertake strategic cooperation with the most valuable companies to build solid foundations for our own company.

Poo Coin

Our Features

We create what is best for our community! We care about the development of the product so that it can help each of us find our way in Web3 more easily.

Wallets Module

Our users to import their own wallet or create a completely new one. Thanks to this, you can use our bot at any time without sharing your confidential data, such as seed phrases or private access keys.

Trade Module

MetaBot enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, you will get the best possible rates, the lowest of possible taxes, and in addition to all this, it will be extremely easy and handy, unlike on some exchanges.

Staking Module

We share the income generated by our bot with our community. Part of our revenue will go towards staking rewards for our users. We are the first bot of this type to share its earnings with the community!

Snipe Module

The "Snipe" system is being developed from scratch, which will allow us to get our dream token as one of or even the first investor. The entire system is supported by a thorough technical analysis of the project in which a given user wants to invest.

Tier Referral System

We care about people who are able to recommend us to further recipients, which is why we decided to create a special reference system thanks to which we will be able to appropriately reward people who care about the development of our bot.

Revenue Sharing

The revenue that our bot will receive during its operation is shared with you. 40% of the income obtained will be allocated to special staking rewards, thanks to which we will share the income with you in a fair way.

Our Softwares

We create software to develop and facilitate many activities in token trading and managing your portfolio, wallets and more.

Our Telegram BOT

We ve prepared many solutions that will make it easier for investors to navigate DeFi and Web3 in general.

🟣 Buy/Sell (Swap) Module
🟣 Snipe Module Faster 2.14X
🟣 Stable Staking 0.84% / Day
🟣 Tier Referral System 9% Bonus
🟣 Wallets Module
🟣 Token Analysis
🟣 Anti-Rug Module
🟣 Revenue Sharing System

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Our Roadmap

This is our path to success! We have planned everything in the right order to conduct the project in a way that is appropriately suited to the market and trends.

Phase 1

We are starting the MetaBot project and building strong foundations for the future bull market.

MetaBot Concept

Whitepaper Release

TG Bot Development

Beta Tests

Token Deploy

Pinksale Presale

We passed KYC!

We have a KYC certificate, which means that our personal data has been verified, and our project is supported by real people who have been verified by Pinksale.

KYC Certificate

We did Audit!

Our smart contract has undergone a detailed audit and received an audit certificate from the well-known company SolidProof, so we are sure that our project is safe and fully functional.

Audit Report

We are SAFU!

SAFU is a set of requirements that are set so that the investor can consider a given project as safe. We have met these requirements and we can call ourselves a SAFU project!


Frequenly Asked Questions

We have answered the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Is MetaBot ready for use?

Yes, our bot has been put into use by our community and is still being developed.

What are the transaction taxes?

The transaction tax when using MetaBot is only 0.40%, which is the lowest tax among all bots.

What are the next plans for the development of the MetaBot project?

First of all, we plan the long-term development of the project. We develop every possible feature and add new ones. In addition, we strive to cooperate with top CEXs in the form of listing our token, but also in partnership.

Do you have Revenue Sharing?

Yes! We definitely share the revenue that our project generates and give it to our Community in the form of high staking rewards. Our staking platform offers pairs of various tokens such as USDT, ETH, BNB or METABOT. Rewards on USDT are up to 0.84% of the stacked amount.

How can I use your bot?

It's easy! Search for @MetaBlockchainBot on Telegram and click start, and our bot will guide you further.

Is the liquidity pool locked?

Of course! Our liquidity pool is fully locked.

How many people are in your team?

Our team consists of 8 people, including: owner, designer, frontend developer, 2 backend developers, community manager, brand manager and server admin.

What is your starting budget?

We have $75k for development, maintenance of our team and marketing, which will be fully used. Further development funds will come from our bot s revenue and taxes.

Will we find MetaBot at the crypto fair?

Definitely yes! We are planning our first participation in crypto events right after the start, and it will probably be a conference in Dubai!